Fall 2015 public speaking course in Edmonton

Registration is now open for Public Speaking for Beginners and the Truly Terrified, which begins on September 22nd.

Most people find public speaking intimidating, but it is also an important and often necessary skill. Over the course of 8 in-person sessions, you will learn foundational skills for public speaking and presenting.
The skills you will develop include:

  • overcoming panic and calming the physical symptoms of stage fright,
  • key vocal techniques to speak with greater strength and ease,
  • creating and maintaining a clear, focused presentations,
  • memory and content creation techniques to free you from relying on notes or scripts,
  • learning how to receive and deliver helpful, meaningful critique,
  • strategies for dealing with and answering questions from the audience

In addition to the 8 in-person classes, I also give each participant four one-on-one coaching phone calls (20 minutes max per call, to be scheduled at their discretion). You will have email access to me for brief advice and questions during the period that the course is running.

Participants are typically professionals - often at the management level - but I have also had students in my program as well. To make sure that what you learn in class is immediately applied, you use upcoming work (or school) presentations for all your class assignment material. I've had great response with this class and have found that employers really like this course as a professional development option for their staff.

The details:
We meet every two weeks from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, from Tuesday September 22 to Tuesday December 29 in room 6-10 of the Stanley Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. Class size is limited to 10 people so that I can provide plenty of personalized attention. The price for the whole course is $597 +GST, and I provide receipts for tax purposes. Registration deadline is September 18th.

The full info is on my website HERE

See you in class!

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