Faces of AALT #3: AALT Administrative Services Director Lynda Shurko

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Today we are pleased to announce the third post in a new series here on the AALT Technician, Faces of AALT! Faces of AALT is a great way to learn about different kinds of library technician work and about your co-members across the province. We are starting by featuring our 2016-17 board members, but soon we will be turning it over to regular members. If you would like to be featured please email journal@aalt.org for more information.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Faces of AALT soon!

Amy Southgate 
AALT Communications Services Director 2016-17

Faces of AALT: Lynda Shurko, Administrative Services Director

AALT Technician: What is your professional background?
Lynda Shurko: My education includes going to Victoria Composite High School where I graduated from Grade 12. I then attended Grant MacEwan were I received my Library Technician diploma. After receiving my diploma I accepted a job at the Edmonton Public School Board after two years there I accepted a position as Serials Library Technician at the Legislature Library.
AT: Where do you work and what are your responsibilities?
LS: I presently work at the Legislature Library and am presently working on providing metadata to the photograph collection we have.
AT: What made you want to work in the library and information field?
LS: I have always loved to read so I thought working in a library would be great.  When I was in High School I volunteered to work in one of the libraries we had.  Once I graduated I thought I would like to be a librarian so started attending University.  Discovered that was not my calling so went to Grant MacEwan. I felt comfortable doing this type of job. I am a more hands on type of person; administrative work really did not work.
AT: What is the most awesome part of your job?
LS: Right now doing metadata entry is exciting as I try to identify people in the photographs.  Being employed at the Legislature Library for so long, my historical knowledge comes in handy.
AT: What advice would you give to someone looking to becoming a library technician?
LS: For someone looking to becoming a library technician, the advice I would give is you will be assisting the librarian in whatever library you get employed at. You will be part of a team, and each member of the team is working to make the library a great place for people who come to
your library.
AT: What is the last book(s) you read?
LS: The last book I read was Betty Broderick: Telling on myself
AT: But libraries aren’t just books! What is your current favourite movie/show/music?
LS: I like watching Romance/Comedies so I like moves like Bridget Jones and I am looking forward to watching Bridget Jones’ Baby. I am a Colin Firth fan. I also like movies with Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, and Sandra Bullock in them.
AT: What do you like to do outside of work?
LS: What I like to do outside of work is to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, work on genealogy and read in my nice library chair that is in my library.
AT: What is your favourite place to travel/a memorable trip?
LS: I recently came back from visiting the Maritimes, which I fell in love with.  I have an affinity for water so it was nice to be close to the ocean.  Hope to go to the other provinces Labrador and Newfoundland next just to say I have been to the Maritimes.
Thank you, Lynda!

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