Over the pandemic, AALT didn’t submit annual returns to the Alberta Registry and was declared inactive or “struck”. We have a small, passionate group currently working to revive the association. To join the cause, please start or renew your membership.

The AALT Revivalists

The Alberta Association of Library Technicians (AALT) is dedicated to supporting the professionalism of Library Technicians through communication, continuing education and cooperation.

AALT was formed in 1974 to help promote a wider understanding and acceptance of the Library Technician’s status in Alberta and to assist in the implementation of recognized provincial education standards. We are a non-profit organization with an energetic, dynamic and dedicated membership governed by an annually elected Board of Directors. AALT strives to:

  • address the ongoing professional development needs of our membership
  • ensure that a high standard of progressive, timely and appropriate education continues to be offered in the library information programs
  • promote accurate information on the qualifications and capabilities of library and information technicians
  • interact with other associations within the library and information field
  • provide networking opportunities within an educational framework
  • maintain liaisons with various organizations to support Library Technicians