Board and Governance

  • 2011-2012 AALT Board
Want to know more about the AALT Board of Directors and what they do? Check out the different positions available on the AALT Executive Board.

Each of these Executives chair or sit on different committees and committee members are always welcome! For information about how AALT is run, take a look at the Board Orientation manual, Bylaws, and Board Handbook attached below. Interested in volunteering for a position on the board or for any of the committees? Contact any current representative for more information and first-hand observations about the position.

2018 / 2019 AALT Board of Directors

President: Kristian McInnis
President-Elect: Brenna Burwash
Administrative Services Director: Lynda Shurko 
Communication Services Director: TBA
Online Services Director: Christy Nichols 
Member at Large: Chandra Turgeon
Macewan Student Representative: TBA
SAIT Student Representatives: TBA

Board Position Descriptions

AALT elections are held in the spring of each year at the annual conference. Each position is elected for a one-year term (except for the President-Elect) and is expected to attend AALT Board meetings (minimum of 4/year). Positions available are as follows:

President is responsible for the direction of the AALT Board. The President Chair’s the Administration Group, the Executive Committee, chairs the School Library Committee and prepares materials for and chairs the Annual General Meeting.

President-Elect is elected for a one-year term, followed by a one-year term as President. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Chairs the Communications Group, Awards Committee and Nominations Committee and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Member-at-Large responsibilities include, but are not limited to: chairs the Professional Development Group, administers the AALT Mentoring Program, chairs the Mentoring Committee and Conference Committee.

Administrative Services Director responsibilities include, but are not limited to: transcribes minutes & distributes to Board members; process/redirect correspondence; chooses an auditor for the association; prepares & presents the budget for the coming year; prepares & presents financial statements for all Board meetings & for the Annual General Meeting; monitors associations financial status & transactions and makes recommendations to the Board; sets up & regulates bank accounts, term deposits; coordinates the awarding of the MacEwan & SAIT bursaries & gifts, maintains & distributes Board Handbook; maintains AALT’s storage unit & archives.

Online Services Director responsibilities include, but are not limited to: chairs the Membership Committee, Membership Survey Committee and Salary Survey Committee; maintains membership database; creates, distributes, promotes & compiles data from the bi-annual AALT Salary Survey, updates and maintains the AALT website; administration of the AALT List serve and on-line registration system; chairing the Website Committee.

Communications Director responsibilities include, but are not limited to: coordinates ordering, distribution and sale of AALT promotional products; maintains a current inventory of AALT memorabilia; promotion of AALT functions and events; chairing the Marketing Committee, compiling the contents for the AALT Technician blog; maintaining AALT social media accounts.

If you want to run for a board position or to nominate someone for a position, please contact us. If you’d like to test the water by volunteering for a committee first, we welcome your participation and input.